We are deeply touched by the tragic deaths of Robin Perlo Berry and Joshua Berry, and the injury of their three children, Peter, 9, Aaron, 8, and Willa, 6, in the West Texas car crash on July 2. We pray for a speedy recovery for Aaron and Peter as they continue their healing process at the Shriners Hospital in Oak Park, IL. Money donated to The Berry Children’s Fund supports the rehabilitation and growth of the three Berry children.

Join us for dinner on Thursday, July 28 ยท 6:30pm – 8:00pm. Dinner is $25. We will have a raffle with lots of great prizes!

Here is a link to the Facebook invite to the event.

Cant make it? Donate now.

Chicken soup and so much more – Chicago Tribune (7/26/11)


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  2. george says:

    I will be donating to this ‘ UN-IMAGINABLE ‘ sad story. I believe the kids will grow up to represent their beloved parents in a way their parents would be so proud of them . They now have 2 parents as ‘Angles’ .I Bless the kids for complete healing to their bodies.

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