Gov. Pat Quinn at Manny’s Deli on Thursday. (E. Jason Wambsgans/Tribune)

“In Chicago, Quinn took a victory lap at Manny’s Deli during lunch time to thank voters. He told reporters ‘I think the people of Illinois know I won the election.'” – Chicago Tribune

“Quinn headed to Manny’s Deli Thursday, greeting diners and sharing a meal with campaign staffers. While he did not declare victory outright, he expressed confidence in his position.

“I think our lead is insurmountable, I think it may grow a little bit. The people spoke on Tuesday,” Quinn said.” – ABC 7 Chicago

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  1. Brady and Quinn will meet face to face
    after a difficult fight in the governor’s race.
    After Quinn finally won the brutal campaign
    he reached out to Brady to sooth his pain.

    So Quinn invited Brady to the south of the loop
    at a place called Manny’s for a bowl of soup.
    And Quinn even agreed to pick up the check
    if only because it was politically correct.

    So if you are asking me my advice is
    that they should discuss the budget crisis.
    You either cut spending or you raise the tax
    according to most of the experts you ask.

    So it is time to put our state in a sound condition
    for the benefit of the people and not the politician
    Money does not grow on trees: that’s true.
    But honey from the bees has gone to a few…

    Fat Cats with clout and political connections
    and that’s the state of the State that needs quick corrections.

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